SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED is a 100% locally owned Ghanaian Company. We are registered with the Ghana Petroleum Commission to provide services to the Oil and Gas sector in Ghana.  The services we provide are in four (4) distinct categories:


Drilling Engineering and Drilling related ServicesWell  Services,  Well  Integrity  &  Intervention  and Production related Services:Oil and Gas Training ServicesShorebase and Logistics Management Services



Drilling Engineering and Drilling related Services

Well  Services,  Well  Integrity  &  Intervention  and Production related Services:

SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED has the following areas of operation under this category:

Drilling, and Completions Engineering Services

Drilling and Completions Equipment Sales and Rentals Services


Drilling, and Completions Engineering Services;

SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED has the engineering capacity to support companies with Front End Engineering Design (FEED); Conceptual Engineering work as well as Wells Planning and Construction Operations, including Engineering support.  In this regard, SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED seeks to support operators with Well Engineering and Operations support where necessary.  This will be in the form of clients’ in-house support as part of the engineering and operations teams either for short or long term. SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED’s engineering team has the capability to support clients with engineering studies, drilling optimisation and analyses at more affordable rates and on short notice.


Our core competencies can be found in :

Well Operations Management, both office and rig-site based.  SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED staff has gained extensive experience in the North Sea, North Africa, Former Soviet Union and other international locations.

Well Planning and Design assisted by a variety of industry recognised planning software.

Complex Well Planning including: ERD, Managed Pressure Drilling, Deep and Ultra-deep well planning, Multi-Lateral, Slimhole and Thru-Tubing, and wells with high H2S and high CO2 (Risk Assessment, HAZID, QRA, Peer-Assist and Engineering Design).

Preparation of detailed Well Operations documents i.e. Well Operations Policy Documents, Well Operations manuals, recommended practices, drilling programmes, detailed procedure for drilling operations, etc.

Well Engineering Design, casing design, well profile generation for cost effective design, drilling hydraulics optimisation etc.

Quantitative Risk Assessment and Analysis (QRA) applications to Well Planning AFE Preparation and Implementation.  Tie-In with Risk Assessment and HazID/HazOP.

Drilling Cuttings Re-Injection (CRI) Feasibility, Geomechanical Modelling, Well Engineering, Equipment installation and Process Implementation.


Prospect Evaluation / Data Room

  We at SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED pride ourselves with our systematic approach to engineering data analysis and evaluation for prospect evaluation and data room work using our SDS process.  Our systems will help our Clients to demonstrate with reasonable certainty the commercial and technical viability of new or existing  project, working constructively with Clients Reservoir Engineers, Reservoir and Operations Geologists and Petroleum Engineers and other sub-surface experts to obtain a best in class solution.


Well Option Generation

SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED has access to facilities, software documents and most importantly experience for effective well option generation.  Optimised well plans, with reduced tortuosity, torque and drag and drillstring and casing designs will be produced to help generate optimised AFE’s and budgets.  The tools available to us, help generate optimised wells within the shortest possible time to enable Clients fast track their projects.



 Qualitative & Quantitative Risk Assessment (Q & QRA)

 The need to characterise and quantitatively estimate the variability and uncertainty of risks that may be encountered in well operations from sub-surface asset evaluation through reservoir evaluation, drilling, completion and on to production calls for the use of more sophisticated methods of economic evaluation and thus the use of QRA methods.  Integration of risked well planning and execution relating to sub-surface risk factors leads ultimately to generation of risked project economics and therefore optimised decisions. As the E & P activities move to more complex terrain, the use of QRA has become more and more important to help reduce costs.


Drilling Well Design & Programming

SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED has the capacity to do thorough well design and generate drilling programmes for client's planned wells when required.


Drilling Operations

SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED’s Drilling Superintendents, Drilling Supervisors and Engineers have the capability and are fully competent to supervise and help Clients execute their drilling programmes.  Onshore supervision as well as crew training will be provided to complete Clients wells within risked AFE’s.  Current technology will be identified and suitably used to ensure completion of wells within AFE and to meet any set KPI’s to the satisfaction of the Client.  Our mission involves complete and continued interaction with the sub- surface team to achieve common goals.


Drilling Manuals & Procedures

Drilling manuals and procedures can be developed for clients upon request.


Drilling Pre-Spud  / Drilling Engineering Training

As part of our well design and methodology process we pride ourselves with our pre- well execution pre-spud drilling crew training.  This forms a means of drumming home key issues for the successful completion of the well.  The active involvement of the drilling crew serves as a motivation mechanism and reminder for the “guys on site”.


Cuttings Re-Injection

SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED has the capacity to undertake engineering related to Cuttings Re-injection Services.


Drilling & Completions Equipment Sales and Rentals Services

SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED Currently has agreements with the following companies:


Varel  Europe S.A.S -  for  provision  of  Drill  bits,  Geo-mechanical Studies and Drilling Optimisation Support Services. They are based in Pau, France.


Downhole Products Limited - for provision of Casing Centralisation Products, Pilot Guide Float Shoes, Reamer Float Shoes and Tubular Cable Clamps etc. They are based in Aberdeen, Scotland.


TAM  International  North  Sea  Ltd-  for  Casing  Inflatable  Packers, FREECAP Swellable Packers, TRIPSaver Riser test Packers, Expandable Casing Packers, Casing Running and Filling tools and other similar Products. They are based in Aberdeen, Scotland.


TWMA - for the processing of drill cuttings and other hydrocarbon contaminated wastes generated in onshore/offshore drilling operations. They are based in Aberdeen, Scotland.


Omega Completion Technology Ltd. -  for provision of Well Completion, Well intervention and Wireline Services including highly advanced electronically controlled equipment like Pressure Cycle plug, Dual Equalizing Sub, Drift Junk catcher Hydrostatic Support Valve, Time Delay Equalizing Valve, Dual Cycle Equalizing Valve, etc. They are based in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Well  Services,  Well  Integrity  &  Intervention  and Production related Services

For production optimization, SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED has personnel to  support clients'  operations effectively and cost efficiently. SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED currently has representation agreement with Omega Completion Technology Ltd for provision of Well Completion, Well intervention and Wireline Services.

This is a range of services from Equipment Manufacturing and supply to Down Hole Intervention tools for logging in producing wells, and with product lines in the following areas:


  Pressure Control Equipment


  Wireline / E-Line



SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED  provides Well Integrity Management, including Well Examination Services as an Independent Competent auditor, providing an independent, knowledgeable and practical technical input to review processes, and ensuring that the objectives of the procedure is achieved. This involves Quantitative risk assessment (QRA) and uses fault tree analysis (FTA) and failure mode, effect and criticality analysis (FMECA).


Well Surveillance and Monitoring Services.


Oil and Gas Training Services


SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED has the capacity to support companies with their training requirements, either directly or in liaison with reputed international organizations, to assure the much needed transfer of knowledge and technology.

SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED is also able to provide the following range of Oil and Gas industry courses:

Basic Geology & Lithology

Basic Exploration & Drilling

Production Geology for Other Disciplines

Reservoir Engineering for Other Disciplines

Basic Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Industry Fundamentals

Petroleum Well Construction

Introduction to Oil and Gas Economics Analysis

Risk and Decision Analysis in Upstream Petroleum Industry

Oil and Gas Reserves Evaluation

Reservoir Engineering and Management (Advance)

Introduction to Drilling, Completion and Work over Operations

Well Operations for Non- engineers

Drilling Rigs and drilling operation

Drilling Hydraulics

Drilling and Cementing Fluids

IWCF Well Control School

Well Control & Casing Design

Oil and Gas Well Planning

Basics of Formation Evaluation Completion and Well Intervention Operations

Completion & Well Intervention Equipment

Tubing Stress Analysis

Introduction to Well Testing

Artificial Lift Technology

Sand Control School

Well Productivity and Production Engineering Awareness School

Pipeline Integrity Management – An Overview of the Industry

Pipeline and Anomaly mapping –INS, GPS, and GIS Integration

Shorebase and Logistics Management Services

The main office of SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED is located at, # 6 AGBON BOI STREET, BUCK PRESS BUILDING, BUBUASHIE, ACCRA. We occupy the top floor of the building that was previously occupied by Buck Press Limited.  SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED has rented and moved into the top floor after Buck Press Ltd moved to their new facilities at Ofankor.   The office is furnished with PC’s, Air conditioners and a standby generator to faciltitate the day to day activities of SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED. SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED has a rented warehouse at Sekondi, near Takoradi, located at JANUS MACHAL, 1/6 TOASI ROAD, SECONDI. The office and warehouse is located close to the Naval Junior Officers Mess in Secondi.  SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED, has acquired 4.31acres of land at Shama, 15 minutes’ drive from Takoradi, and has started work on the building of a Warehouse, Pipe yard, Office Facilities.