SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED provides Well Engineering and Integrity Management, including Well Examination Services as an Independent Competent auditor, providing an independent, knowledgeable and practically technical input to review processes, and ensuring that the objectives of the procedure is achieved.



Well Engineering   SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED provides Well Engineering Design and well profile generation for cost effective design through Conceptual and Detailed Design.



Our personnel have extensive experience in


    Well Planning and Design assisted by a variety of industry recognized planning software including Landmark Drilling Engineering suite – Wellplan; StressCheck; Casing Seat and Wellcat;


   Complex Well Planning including: ERD; Managed Pressure Drilling; HPHT; Deep and Ultra-deep well planning, Multi-Lateral, Slimhole and Thru-Tubing, and wells with high H2S and high CO2;


   Advanced Casing Design; Drillstring Design and Optimization.


   Risk Assessment, HAZID, Peer-Assist and Quantitative Risk Assessment and Analysis (QRA) applications to Well Planning AFE Preparation and Implementation.


   Drilling Cuttings Re-Injection (CRI) Feasibility, Geomechanical Modelling, Well Engineering, Equipment installation and Process Implementation.



We also provides  “Peer-Reviewed” and “Peer-Assisted” engineering solutions – providing experienced assistance at all stages, giving assistance to optimize the well design, planning and rig operations.





SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED has experienced personnel competent to support clients to perform Independent studies for Conceptual, Front End Engineering Design (FEED) and Operational Engineering.



Well Integrity  





SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED personnel have experience in application of well examinations meet UK legislative requirements for the Design and Construction phases of Drilling and Intervention Operations.



Our personnel can write and manage the examination schemes for clients having the benefit of extensive experience preparing similar schemes for major operators in the North Sea and Kazakhstan





SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED can provide systems and personnel for wells verification, to meet UK legislative and other international standards.  We also perform drilling and wells audits and assessment to verify that wells are being designed, constructed, operated, temporarily abandoned/suspended and permanently abandoned in accordance with oil and gas industry standards.



Well Operations Management



SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED, using in-house personnel can manage all aspects of organizing drilling and field development operations and project management.



We provide expertise in


  Wells Project Management right from conception through to detailed design, QRA budgeting exercises, programming and operations supervision for offshore and onshore operations


  The preparation of detailed Well Operations documents i.e. well operations manuals, recommended

practices, drilling programmes, detailed procedure for drilling operations, etc.


  Rig site selection, Rig selection, inspection and acceptance


  Well operations equipment procurement


  Well operations logistics management


SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED is able to provide contract or consultancy drilling and well servicing manpower. The service is specifically adapted to meet the needs of the independent contractor, as well as those of the client.  Provision of marine & engineering staff in both onshore and offshore support to various offshore construction and development projects.  Integrity and reliability is our aim.


Our personnel functions are both office and rig-site based, with extensive experience in the North Sea, North Africa, Former Soviet Union and other international locations.







SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED has the capacity to support companies with their training requirements, either directly or in liaison with reputed international organization, to assure the much needed transfer of knowledge and technology.

SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED is also able to provide the following range of Oil and Gas industry courses:

      Basic Exploration & Drilling      Basic Geology & Lithology      Well Operations for Non-Engineers      Drilling Rigs & Drilling Operations      Logistics in Offshore Drilling Operations      Drilling and Cementing Fluids      Drilling Hydraulics      Well Engineering Operations      Well Planning      Well Control       Well Control & Casing Design       Basics of Formation Evaluation       Well Test Evaluation & Design       Completion and Well Intervention Ops       Completion Equipment & Well Intervention       Well Completion & Workover Operations       Applied Production Technology       Advanced Production & Operations Technique       Production Technology       Production Surface Operations