The provision of oilfield tools rental; Slickline and E-line services; welding, fabrication and inspection services form part of the company’s future plans.  SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED has acquired acreage (4.58acres) at Shama, in the vicinity of Takoradi for this purpose.






Well Construction


SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED currently has representation agreements with the following ;


VAREL EUROPE S.A.S., for provision of drill bits, Geo-mechanical Studies and Drilling Optimization Support Services.

DOWNHOLE PRODUCTS LIMITED for provision of Casing Centralization Products, Pilot Guide Float Shoes, Reamer Float Shoes and Tubular Cable Clamps.

TAM North Sea Ltd for Casing Inflatable Packers, FREECAP Swellable Packers, TRIPSaver Riser test Packers, Expandable Casing Packers, Casing Running and Filling tools and other similar Products.

OMEGA COMPLETION TECHNOLOGY LTD.  for provision of comprehensive range of downhole products including highly advanced electronically controlled equipment like Pressure Cycle lug, Dual Equalizing Sub, Drift Junk catcher Hydrostatic Support Valve, Time Delay Equalizing Valve, Dual Cycle Equalizing Valve, etc.


Drilling Waste & Environmental Solutions


 TWMA, for Integrated Drilling Waste Services including at the core of the company’s services the unique type of thermal desorption system (TCCRotoMill), capable of reducing drilling waste and drill cuttings to their separate component parts of base oil, water and solids and Cuttings transfer & Containment System (known in industry as Skip and Ship); Environmental Services and Technologies; Vacuum Tanks & Vacuum Cleaning Systems as well as Slops and Sludge Treatment; Decommissioning and Engineering Services.