Environmental Protection, Health and Safety Policy SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED is fully committed to expediently and pro-actively managing Environmental Protection, Health and Safety. This Policy applies to:

All assets owned and operated by SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED ;

All persons working or operating for or on behalf of SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED including contractors and visitors.


The management of SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED is committed to providing a safe workplace for employees and contractors, through the implementation of standards and control that continuously improve the application and performance of the safety management system.


SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED provides the oil and gas industry with engineering support, equipment, technology, services and systems which help to protect, preserve and sustain the entire environment around us. SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED activities are planned and performed to minimize environmental discharges and to comply with legislative and contractual requirements.

SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED has as part of its business:


Set Health, Safety and Environment as a core value for all business activities;

         --  Assessment of environmental effects before, during and after commencement of all operations.

         --  Measurement and reduction of emissions detrimental to the environment.

         --  Taking measures to prevent environmental incidents, plan and prepare responses for the minimization of loss should any incidents occur.

         --  Regular review of management performance for continuous improvement and reduction of our impact upon the environment.

         --  Conservation of resources through where possible, the recycling, reuse and recovery of materials and resources.


Comply with all relevant Ghana legislation, regulations and other requirements to which SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED subscribes;

Implement safe working and fitness to work programmes to pursue the goals of no harm to the health or injury to people, no damage to the environment and business assets;

Minimize adverse impacts on the environment, reduce our Greenhouse Gas Emissions and safeguard natural resources, through the application of Best Available         Techniques;

Assess, and manage EH&S risks across the life-cycle for each business activity;

Ensure that sufficient resources are in place to manage EH&S in accordance with this Policy, provide appropriate training to all personnel and include EH&S performance in appraisal of staff and contractors; communicate and engage with key stakeholders, employees and contractors on relevant environmental matters

Play a leading role in promoting best EH&S practice which will contribute to sustainable development in the Republic of Ghana.


SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED expects that everyone recognizes their personal responsibility for EH&S and their right to report openly any EH&S issue of concern. In addition everyone is encouraged to intervene in the case of unsafe acts or conditions and polluting circumstances. To ensure we meet these objectives, SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED will consult with, listen to and respond openly to our employees, contractors, regulators, customers, local communities and other stakeholders.


Responsibility for establishing and implementing this EH&S Policy rests with the Managing Director of SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED.






SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED is strongly committed to the highest standards of products and service(s) quality, employee safety in the workplace, employee health and the prevention of damage to the environment at our premises, facilities, those of our clients within Ghana and around the globe and societies in which we perform operations.


SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED is committed to support our clients whenever new drilling, completions and other oilfield challenges present themselves. Our business in Ghana is supported from our agency, distributorship and representation agreements with experienced European Oil and Gas Supply and Service Companies with offices in the UK, the Netherlands and France. SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED is committed to continual investment in products, services, people and the systems required to provide viable solutions to our client's oilfield challenges.


All SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED business operations are conducted with the objective of ensuring customer satisfaction and in compliance with the laws and regulations of Ghana and other host countries.


Furthermore, all of our services and operations are designed to satisfy or exceed applicable international and oilfield safety and performance standards.

All services supplied to our customers are from well-experienced companies, with certainty of the appropriate certificates of quality and certificates of origin and signed by the relevant authorized personnel.


As a wholly Ghanaian owned Oil and Gas Service Company, coupled with the International and other African experience of our personnel, associates and our shareholders, SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED recognizes the importance of the Supply Chain and Supply Chain Management to our success in the oilfield services industry. A Supply Chain is the linkage of inter-dependent organizations and processes that accomplish the objective of meeting our customer requirements. The links in our Supply Chain include: our Customer, Sales/Order Entry, Services and Supply Planning, Requisitioning, Procurement, our Suppliers, Inbound Transportation, Receiving, Shipping, Outbound Transportation and back to our Customer again. Each link is critical to success and the management of the Supply Chain is essential to the success of providing the necessary level of service that meets and/or exceeds our client's requirements.


Additionally, SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED is in the position to provide qualified and experienced "liaison", dedicated to our clients, to ensure ongoing success of the project, while working with client staff to develop and optimize the most cost effective solutions throughout their oilfield exploration, appraisal and development campaigns.



The safety of our personnel, clients, neighbours and the general public is of paramount importance to SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED.


In this regard and in line with SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED's EH&S policy, we in SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED are all committed to:

Pursue and assure our objective of no harm to people and the environment;

Protect our surroundings and the environment;

Strive to be leading players in the promotion of best/appropriate techniques and practices in our industry;

Support and provide the use of services, energy resources and products that are consistent with our EH&S objectives;

Use material and energy efficiently to provide our products and services and those of companies that we represent;

Share openly information on our EH&S performance;

Manage EH&S matters as any other critical business activity;

Ensure promotion of a culture in which all SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED employees share this commitment.


In this way we aim to have a EH&S performance we can be proud of, to earn the confidence of our clients and society at large, to be a good neighbour and to contribute to sustainable development.

In respect of the above, I as the Managing Director shall take the lead and am committed to ensure compliance to our EH&S policy to achieve our objectives.


Thank You.




As an employee of SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED, I am personally responsible for and committed to:


1. Learning and following the policies, procedures and standards that apply to my job assignment.


2. Ensuring that my actions are consciously directed towards working safely and maintaining a safe and environmentally sound workplace.


3. Always utilising the correct /OSHA approved personal protective equipment (PPE) required for the area and my job assignment.


4. Reporting any occupational injury or illness to my supervisor and/or HSE representative immediately or within 24 hours from the time of the incident.


5. Actively promoting safe and environmentally friendly work habits.


6. My actions will always be guided by these Health, Safety, and Environmental principles. 


I fully understand and support that the adherence to all Health, Safety, and Environmental policies, procedures and standards is a condition of my employment.