SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED is strongly committed to the highest standards of products and service(s) quality, employee safety in the workplace, employee health and the prevention of damage to the environment at our premises, facilities, those of our clients within Ghana and around the globe and societies in which we perform operations.


SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED is committed to support our clients whenever new drilling, completions and other oilfield challenges present themselves. Our business in Ghana is supported from our agency, distributorship and representation agreements with experienced European Oil and Gas Supply and Service Companies with offices in the UK, the Netherlands and France. SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED is committed to continual investment in products, services, people and the systems required to provide viable solutions to our client's oilfield challenges.


All SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED business operations are conducted with the objective of ensuring customer satisfaction and in compliance with the laws and regulations of Ghana and other host countries.


Furthermore, all of our services and operations are designed to satisfy or exceed applicable international and oilfield safety and performance standards.

All services supplied to our customers are from well-experienced companies, with certainty of the appropriate certificates of quality and certificates of origin and signed by the relevant authorized personnel.


As a wholly Ghanaian owned Oil and Gas Service Company, coupled with the International and other African experience of our personnel, associates and our shareholders, SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED recognizes the importance of the Supply Chain and Supply Chain Management to our success in the oilfield services industry. A Supply Chain is the linkage of inter-dependent organizations and processes that accomplish the objective of meeting our customer requirements. The links in our Supply Chain include: our Customer, Sales/Order Entry, Services and Supply Planning, Requisitioning, Procurement, our Suppliers, Inbound Transportation, Receiving, Shipping, Outbound Transportation and back to our Customer again. Each link is critical to success and the management of the Supply Chain is essential to the success of providing the necessary level of service that meets and/or exceeds our client's requirements.


Additionally, SOLUSERV (GH) LIMITED is in the position to provide qualified and experienced "liaison", dedicated to our clients, to ensure ongoing success of the project, while working with client staff to develop and optimize the most cost effective solutions throughout their oilfield exploration, appraisal and development campaigns.